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IBM中国软件授权培训中心 SPSS南京培训中心
  IBM 中国软件授权培训中心(ATP)        IBM SPSS南京培训中心
金蝶顾问学院(南京分院) 金蝶(南京)软件人才实训基地
        金蝶顾问学院(南京分院)        金蝶(南京)软件人才实训基地
南京市软件人才培训基地 大学生创业见习实训基地
        南京市软件人才培训基地        大学生创业见习实训基地
中国电子商务职业经理人CCCEM授权培训中心 江苏省省级机关管理干部学院中印合作教学区
中国电子商务职业经理人CCCEM授权培训中心 江苏省省级机关管理干部学院中印合作教学区


SPSS行业解决方案中心 软件产品登记证书--公安财物信息管理软件
            IBM SPSS行业解决方案中心       软件产品登记证书--公安财物信息管理软件
CMMI3证书 ISO9001质量管理体系认证证书
                  CMMI3证书      ISO9001质量管理体系认证证书
计算机软件产品著作权登记证书--OA系统 计算机软件产品著作权登记证书--舆情系统
  计算机软件产品著作权登记证书--OA系统   计算机软件产品著作权登记证书--舆情系统
计算机软件产品著作权登记证书--公安财物管理软件 计算机软件产品著作权登记证书--物流软件
  计算机软件产品著作权登记证书--公安软件   计算机软件产品著作权登记证书--物流软件
Cooperation Partners






Develop Course

MRK Science &Technology Development Co. Ltd. was set up in September 2005, which predecessor was transfer and service center on scientific and technological achievements under the Association of Science and Technology in Nanjing;

Nanjing Hao Cheng vocational school was established in September 2007;

At the end of 2008, The Company restructured into joint-stock enterprises with main business on software and service outsourcing, IT training, and international scientific and technological achievements transfer, etc.

In August of 2009, Nanjing (Yuhua) International Software Outsourcing Industrial Park was established, which covers an area of 50 mu and the building area of 42,000 square meters. On September 3, there was held a grand opening ceremony of the industrial park.

MRK Science &Technology Development (Group) Co. Ltd was incorporated after restructured  in September 2009;

Nanjing MRK Information Technology Co., Ltd was established in September 2009, which was reorganized by original software R & D department in the group company;

MRK in Nanjing and Acrylicom company in Israel cooperated a joint venture named MRK-Acrylicom communication technology Co., Ltd, focusing on R&D and produce of HDPOF in March 2010;

In November 2010, MRK made the agreement with the Japanese company OKI , and together established R & D center in Nanjing under OKI Software Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. (MRK-OKI Software(Nanjing)Co., Ltd);

MRK and the National Association of Software and Electronics as well as ENT Company in Israel signed the framework agreement on the establishment of China's first international base for scientific and technological achievements transfer and China-Israel industrial park in November 2010.


MRK Team

Our team is a group composed of like-minded elites. Our goal is to provide customers with satisfied products and services.

R & D center affiliated to the company owns a wealth of project research and development capabilities. Among all technical personnel, 90% have achieved Bachelor’s degree or higher, within which, 30% have got the Master’s degree,60% are software developers, intermediate professional titles account for 20%.

The international team is one of the characteristics of our company. As the company continues to set up overseas, we have our own foreign employees in Australia, India, Israel and other countries. In Group base in Nanjing, we have several foreign employees from different countries working with Chinese employees. This makes MRK integrated into a international elite team.


Enterprise culture

Logos of MRK

Talent- finding the suitable oneDevelopment- Innovative and pragmatic, beyond the self, outstanding pursuance

Management- Management flexibility may be an art; however, system flexibility is certainly a disaster

Cooperation- being frank and sincere, Trusting each other and win-win together

Belief- promotion on Integrity, innovation and reasonability

Win-win pursuance- customer and employee oriented, pursing win-win among

employee, company and society

MRK’s Vision

MRK committed in creating a harmonious international business environment, a first-class international technology achievements transfer and trade platform,promoting the domestic industrialization of advanced achievements and also takes the promotion and improvement of Chinese related technology industry as focal point. Meanwhile MRK always pays much attention to adhere to independent research and scientific innovation, and during the process of industrialization, through the combination of research, development; training and delivery, enabling MRK delivery multi-mode operations in communication, software and internet fields to build a strong brand value with The National Science and Technology mission.Focusing on the internationalization of management, talents, and business, MRK becomes an international hi-tech enterprise.

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