Project Display

2009.3 MRK signed agreement with IMBUS. 
2009.4 MRK signed agreement with Logipro for JV.
2010.9 Government project reported by MRK and Acrylicom succeeded.
2010.10 MRK signed agreement with Acrylicom.
2010.11 MRK signed MOU with Optimum.
2010.11 MRK signed framework agreement with ENT on the first international technology transfer base in China and China-Israel Industry Park.
2010.11 MRK signed agreement with Jelutraf on University City project.
2010.12 MRK signed agreement with Orbinet on education service.
2011.1 MRK and Jelutraf established China-Africa economic and cultural exchanges and Development Center.
2011.3 MRK met Congo Women organization to communicate economy, culture and education.
2011.3 MRK delegation visited the excellent enterprises in Israel and India for two weeks.
2011.5 Government project reported by MRK and Optimum succeeded.
2011.6 MRK signed MOU with Impact.
2011.8 MRK impelled cooperation of China-Congo project with Jelutraf, and MRK will send a delegation to Congo for business visit.