Investment policy

To further accelerate the development of Yuhua software industry and optimize environment of software industry, according to the " a number of policy advice to further promote the development of the software industry in Yuhuatai District " and the actual development of Yuhua software industry, Nanjing MRKTechnology Co., Ltd. implement a series of preferential measures for the companies settled in Nanjing (Yuhua) International Software Outsourcing Park.

1 To provide some subsidies on the rent and the interior decoration for the companies settled in the park;
2, To give some concessions according to the total number of investment of head quarters, R & D centers, data centers in the park for domestic and foreign software enterprises;
3 to give some subsidies for innovative and high-tech companies;
4. To encourage software companies to create intellectual property and applications, and give some subsidies to applications, grant and implement of invention patent in this area;
5. To encourage the software industry bigger and stronger and reward the business for achieving annual software income or tax standard.
Welcome the companied to call, letter or come to the park for detailed consultation.