Service Item

Focus on the development of support software, application software, embedded software and network services, software outsourcing, e-commerce, animation and game as well as the headquarters office in different areas.
"Nanny" services and quick channels for formalities of start-ups and settle-down business.
Organizations of projects reporting on various levels of science and technology for enterprise as well as identified reporting of high-tech enterprises and products, software companies and software products; identified registration of patent applications and technology contracts, technical appraisal and technology awards declaration and so on.
Provide enterprises with the latest technology at home and abroad, market and product information, international communication channels. Organize enterprises to implement ISO quality system certification, CMM, CMMI assessment.
International delivery center provides the enterprises in park with quality information, data processing and other services.
Industry, academia and research base of International cooperation, provide professional services to the businesses in the park and the surrounding.
The establishment of enterprise business platform, inter-enterprise integration technology and market resources have established the powerful combination of industry co-operation group with part and whole industrial chain.