A Brief Introduction of Nanjing (Yuhua) International Software Outsourcing Industrial Park

MRK established MRK Nanjing (Yuhua) International Software and Outsourcing Industry Park in August 2009 and held a magnificent opening ceremony on September 3rd, 2009. Leaders of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing City, Yuhua District and chairman of the Indian Association of Software Industry attended the Opening ceremony.



The Industry covers an area of more than 30 mus. The construction area is 42,000 square meters. More than 30 companies have offices in the park.

The Software Industry Park not only provides comprehensive logistical facilities for incoming companies, but also provides services such as IT facilities Rent and maintenance, Human Resources Outsourcing, Policies Interpretation, Fund-raising guarantee. Based on its own advantages in technological transfer and software services outsourcing platforms, it put preference in meditating enterprises in the park to work with Israeli and Indian enterprises. The IT talents training base of MRK also offer many software and hardware development talents for enterprises in the park. Through these measures, the park really works with enterprises and creates a cooperation win-win situation. Under the care and support of Nanjing government officials, the ‘China-India Software Industrial Park’ and ‘China-Israeli Industrial Park’ undertook by MRK Group will be set up in Nanjing soon. MRK will try its best to promote the industrial cooperation between Nanjing and international companies, and to make Nanjing the famous Software City in China or even in the world.

With the help and support of Nanjing City leadership, the Sino-Indian Software Industry Park and the Sino-Israeli Software Industry Park will also materialize in Nanjing in the near future,which are two projects MRK is responsible for. MRK will spare no efforts in promoting cooperation between Nanjing and international enterprises and making Nanjing become a famous software city in Nanjing and the world.