According to the overall planning layout of China (Nanjing) Software Valley, MRK group will construct China-Israel Smartec Park at the center area of the Software Valley. This top hi-tech industrial park will become a headquarter aggregation for Israeli companies in China as well as a first-class international hi-tech joint research center.

Main functions: 1 park, 4zones, 6 platforms

1 park: China-Israel Smartec Park

4 Zones: Israeli wholly-owned independent zone

China-Israel joint-venture zone

International joint research zone

Administration and management zone

6 platforms: Green Datacenter serving the whole park

Intelligent office automation platform

Public information release platform

Integrated intelligent monitoring management platform

Public service platform

Industrial cooperation demonstration and exhibition platform


Major Services

Basic services: Company settling, consultancy, office and living ancillary services

Industrial services: Industrial policies, company certificate, IP protection, industrial fund support, agency services.

High-end services: Human resources, capital financing, technology platform, management consultancy, marketing services.

Project theme:

Construction of the international design and modern function layout show the innovative spirit and noble taste. It will Complete and use in early 2014.

After the completion the China-Israel Smartec Park will become:

The international first-class high-tech joint research and development centre


The Israeli international well-known enterprise and its partners in China headquarters agglomeration economy base

World-leading and high-tech industrial cluster of Israel and Nanjing cooperation

Incubation base of innovative science and technology enterprise
The China-Israel science and technology achievements transformation base with the international influence

China-Israel Smartec Park fused the international joint research and development of the science and technology, international technology transfer, international achievements transformation, the cloud computing industry, commerce, office, the wisdom of ecological functions as one, will become one of the spectacular and high-tech wisdom parks which set invention and innovation as a whole.