Introduction of talent training base

As the first software talent training base in Nanjing, Nanjing haocheng vocational school has the most advanced multi-media classrooms and project studios; addition to a team of experienced teaching faculty, MRK has cooperated with many well-known foreign institutions and companies to introduce the advanced training concepts and practical training courses.

These companies and institutions include the Australian TAFE Institute, Mysore University in India, Bangalore University (DSI), Germany Imbus and so on.So far, MRK has transported a total of nearly 3,000 students, some of which were employed in ZTE, Huawei, Microsoft, Worksoft, UF Software, Tsinghua Tong Fang, Neus.


Nanjing software talents training base

Cooperation Partners: IBM

Cooperation Partners: Kingdee

Training and Direction:

JAVA development (enterprise custom classes) Training

IMS (Infrastructure Management Services) Training

Android / iPhone mobile development training

IBM Lotus / Rational / SPSS product training

Kingdee ERP implementation consultant training