Service Scope

In the background of economic globalization and international division of labor,Software and information service outsourcing have come into being along with the rapid development of the information and communications technology. In order to focus on their core competitiveness with limited resources, the external professional service providers of an enterprise complete the task originally undertaken by the internal through the use of software and information technology tools, so that the enterprise is enabled to reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance adaptability to the market and optimize its core competitiveness. As a wholly owned subsidiary of MRK group, Nanjing MRK Information Technology Co., Ltd. will provide for our customers at home and abroad with the ITO / BPO service on telecommunication, Internet, finance, Internet of Things, energy, manufacturing, government, electricity, water conservation and other sectors.Currently, the company's outsourcing business has covered China, Israel, India,Congo and other countries, and has already set up offices or outsourcing receive centers in India, Israel, Australia.