International Business Center of Nanjing MRK Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for MRK’s international cooperation projects and international business.
The Main Service Content:
International investment-attracting
International outsourcing
International consultation and agency for technology transfer(patented technology、proprietary technology)
International economic analysis for project
International scheme for technology project transfer
International project partner recommendation
Assistance of international business negotiation for enterprises
Registration of international technology transfer and favorable policy support
International project cooperation
The Four key businesses:
1.International Investment-Attracting
Area Scope: Yuhua Software Outsourcing Industrial Park, Yuhua Software Park, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
Advantages: The scope of investment-attracting business covers software outsourcing, software service, communication, technology and other industries in Nanjing, Jiangsu as well as all kinds of domestic and foreign enterprises.
Based on two platform advantages of its own technology transfer and software service outsourcing, International Business Center continues to introduce the enterprises in our park to cooperate with Israeli, Indian and other foreign enterprises on projects. Meanwhile, International Business Center has established good relationships and communication channels with Indian, Israeli, European and other foreign enterprises.
International Business Center encourages good domestic and foreign enterprises to set up offices and invest in our Park. International Business Center can provide a series of preferential policies and advisory services for the enterprises that invest in our park, assist their management and operation in our park at the same time.
2.International Outsourcing(Software Outsourcing,OEM Outsourcing and other outsourcing)
Advantages: The outsourcing services of International Business Center cover the industries of telecommunication, Internet, finance, Internet of things, energy, manufacturing, electricity, water conservancy and so on. Our business scope includes customized software development, technical personnel dispatch, product testing and certification, product localization (development, testing and maintenance), IT consulting and training, network integration and equipment depository, BPO (legal, human resource, finance, marketing, customer service, etc), establishing offshore R&D center. In addition, we can provide solutions for those customers who have OEM needs.
With the background of globalization and international division of labor, international outsourcing business comes along with the high-speed growth of information and communication technology. Enterprises use external professional service providers to complete the internal work with software, IT and other means, in order to focus its limited resources on core competencies. Therefore, the enterprises can reduce cost, improve efficiency, enhance market resilience and optimize the core competencies.
International Business Center has good international cooperation and communication channel. Its outsourcing business covers China, Israel, India and Congo, and set office or package receiving center in India, Israel and Australia. In addition, it also has a lot of experienced domestic partners.
3.International High Technology Transfer
A service platform for technology was established by international business center of MRK in response to the Three Services working approach initiated by the Chinese Association of Science and Technology and the intention of the former party secretary of CPC Jiangsu Committee Li Yuanchao’s directive at the 7th meeting of the Nanjing Association of Science and Technology. The service platform for technology transfer is a specialized institution which combines service and market-orientation, which aim is to generate technology into productivity.
MRK’s international technology transfer programs include computer, mechanical and electrical engineering/automation, biomedicine, agricultural science, electronics, energy engineering, material technology, civil engineering and architecture, chemical engineering, safety engineering and so on. It has established friendly partnerships with associations of software industry in Israel, India and Ireland. The number of successful technology transfer programs has reached more than 30.
The platform is continually upgraded to provide a complete range of services for domestic and foreign enterprises, universities, research institutes, technology professionals and experts, also with the provision of business matchmaking and related intermediary services between enterprises and the research centers for the rapid diffusion and transfer of high technology.
4.International Project Cooperation
Business Scope: Seek domestic projects, domestic financing for foreign enterprises, foreign product agent, consultation and service for international projects.
Advantages: International cooperation is the important task of International Business Center. The main businesses of international cooperation include seeking domestic projects for foreign enterprises, domestic financing, foreign product agent, consultation and service for international projects.
The businesses of International Business Center are divided into 4 types: international investment-attracting, international outsourcing, international high technology transfer as well as international project cooperation.
Rich in either enterprise working experience or long-term experience in manufacturing, consultancy, management and project management, MRK international business center team of MRK consists of many enterprise consultants, and is of solid force as a whole. Owning a strong team of experts, MRK has established solid business relationships with Israel, India, Canada, Australia, Congo and other overseas institutions on business consulting services.